Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept. 11, 1959-
1960-To church and ss Rowe's and Mae came for dinner. Wilson's came towards eve.
1961-Real warm, sultry. Washed a.m. canned few tomato's, dad maintained, some rain p.m.
1962-Warmer, went on Religious survey p.m. Dad fished worked little on yd, mowed.
Sept. 12, 1959- Cleaned
1962-Dad mowed cemetery a.m. Fished p.m. I did hand wash.
1963-Dad to El Do eve.
Sept. 12, 1959-To church and ss a.m. Knoxs and Mae here for dinner, Ruth's Birthday
1963-Canned some pears, Johns stopped a.m. Katie and girls came eve.
Sept. 14, 1959-Washed, Dad on McCully road
1960-I washed a.m. we cleaned lot on cemetery p.m. baked pie to send to A.Gfe
Sept. 15, 1959-Ironed, mended. Dad on Mc road
1960-Dad had check up at Drs. OK. Ironed a.m. to H Gfel funeral p.m.
1961-Did Sat work
1963-To church no company
Sept 16, 1959-Mowed weeds picked tomatoes and pears, made catsup and pear preserves. Sharon's baby boy born.
1960-Baked 2 batches cookies a.m. pieced on quilt p.m. did some mending. Dad mowed road.
1961-To church and ss a.m. Mae here for dinner. Chas. and Pat came p.m. Peck called bad news.
1962-To church and ss a.m. Knox's here for dinner
1963-Canned 2 qts tomatoes, cleaned dinning room. Made desert for guild.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept. 1, 1959-Ironed a.m.
1961-Quarterly conference Dad went. Hot south wind 96 degrees. canned few tomatoes, picked bucket full. Mae came toward eve, back from Texas brought dishes & ?
1962-Did up Sat work. Dad to Helton sale p.m. made little tomato juice
1963-To church Judy came and went with us here for dinner. Came back eve to stay all night. .60 rain.
Sept. 2, 1959-Went to W.S.C.S. at Helmers p.m. Canned 9 qts tomatoes a.m.
1960-Worked with peaches. Annie came up and picked last of peaches. hot and windy dusty
1961-Mae here, we did work a.m. Mae and I went to El Do eve to Mariana a while had lunch at carry out. Dad went fishing.
1962-Rain in a.m. to church and s.s. a.m. no company rested p.m.
1963-cooler, .25 rain. Washed, Judy left a.m. Pecks came p.m. went fishing while no luck.
Sept. 3, 1959-Cleaned out flower bed did some hoeing a.m. cracked walnuts.
1960-Cleaned, finished peaches, made 4 qts. peach pickles Dad and Shorty to town over noon (El Dor) to Burns p.m.
1961-Rained a.m. To church and ss a.m. Mae went home Went to Walters wedding p.m. Ruth and Mariana's came eve.
1962-rain a.m. canned few tomatoes.
1963-Ironed a.m. mended p.m. Rev. Southerds and daughter called p.m.
Sept. 4, 1959-Annie and neighbors came after tomatoes and potatoes. Dad and Shorty to El Dor
1960-To church and ss no company rested all p.m.
1961-120 rain. Labor Day, we went to Florence with Wilsons, to see Barbara perform.
1962-Rain a.m.
Sept. 5, 1959-Cleaned house baked cake.
1960-Canned 10 qts. pears, finished peach pickles. Pecks came evening.
1961-Defrosted deep freeze a.m. Dad to El Dor p.m.
1962-Rain washed, cleaned room, dried clothes, ironed most of them.
1963-Cleaned flower bed, to El Dor eve.
Sept. 6, 1959-To church and ss a.m. no company, went to Wilsons p.m.
1960-Cleaned and washed floors, washed windows, put away canned pears and peaches, went to guild at A. Leathers p.m.
1961-To WSCS at Phillips p.m. to board meeting eve. Dad did some mowing on road.
1962-Finished ironing, canned some tomatoes, went to WSCS at Mary p.m.
1963-1963-Cleaned kitchen wood work. Dad to check up with Di
Sept. 7, 1959-Labor Day, picked tomatoes, wrote 3 letters, Dad fished.
1960-Baked cake fixed peaches a.m. had wscs women here p.m.
1962-Mended a.m. to El Dor p.m. to Marianas awhile.
1963-cleaned a.m.
Sept. 8, 1959-I worked with rag rug. Dad went with twp board to look at road.Notz's stopped to tell about Julia Adams death, Dad had dizzy spell.
1960-Finished canning pears canned few tomatoes a.m. Dad had gravel hauled in drive a.m. sawed wood p.m.
1961-Dad helped Clausee fix fridge, I us. (?)man came toward eve.
1962-Made rolls and cookies. did some cleaning.
1963-To church a.m. Mae came for dinner.
Sept. 9, 1959-Dad went mowing roads. I picked tomatoes canned 8 qts. did some hoeing, froze few ears corn. Katie and girls came eve. worked on rug.
1961-Baked rolls and cookies did Sat. work a.m. picked few lima beans and tomatoes and okra p.m. Dad fished.
1962-Much cooler-Mae Alta and Rod here for dinner. Dad to meeting for survey p.m.
1963-Cleaned living room painted wood work and floor.
Sept. 10, 1959-
1960-Cleaned a.m. to ElDor p.m. Herman G passed away.
1961-To church and ss a.m. Rev. Cotton back-The Rowes here for dinner.
1963-Moved things back in living room washed curtains and shades.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug. 30, 2010-
When visiting my aunt and Uncle in Kansas, my cousin use to take my brother and I out horse back riding through the corn fields, then we would rest under a tree by a pond or little lake. Corn fields, another beautiful Kansas sight.
This photo was taken yesterday, my medicine wheel garden, I was so excited when I notice this ear of corn, surrounded by sweet potato, rosemary and a couple of mango trees that have taken root. The corn probably won't get much bigger, but I don't care. This garden ??? is growing on coral. We are about 14 ft. above sea level. Actually this garden is a compose pile. Aug. 29, 1959-Cleaned up house, Anne and boys, Mick and Dick here for dinner, Dad to board meeting we went to El Do and Marianas p.m.
1960-Washed, did few peaches and tomatoes p.m. Bertha B got one half peaches.
1961-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. Dad painted on house.
1962-To Knausman wedding eve went with G. girls.
1963-To El Do eve.
Aug. 30, 1959-1.02 in rain-Went to ss and church a.m. Mae, Alta and boys here for dinner took Tuck the dog home with them. Wilsons here eve.
1960-Ironed a.m., patched p.m.
1961-Canned 6 qts tomatoes a.m. Patched p.m. Dad painted. HOT
1962-Did hand wash, Dooleys called p.m. watered flowers eve. Dad to El Do
Aug. 31, 1959-I washed picked one bu tomatoes canned 8 qts. p.m. Dad to town a.m . maintained p.m. Shorty brought watermelon.
1961-Warm-I cleaned out flower bed Dad painted a.m. to El Do p.m.
1962-Picked bucket tomatoes canned 4 qts. Dad and Shorty went fishing cleaned p.m.
1963-Did Sat. work made rolls and pie and cookies.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug. 28, 1959-Picked one half bu tomatoes, canned 10 qts. Mick and Dick got back from NC.
1960-To church and ss Mae here for dinner, Mariana came for peaches eve, we went to church to hear The Harturgug. (?)
1961-Washed, canned few tomatoes.
1962-The Winchers left 10 am

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug. 26, 1959-Dad mowed, I picked bucket tomatoes canned 4 qts did hand wash and pressing
1960-Sent pears to Herbs
1961-Cleaned up house picked tomatoes canned some.Dad mowed cemetery and our yd. to Burns p.m.
1962-To church and ss. Rowes, Mae Wilson's came p.m. Ruth and girls stopped few minutes noon. Diane on way to Manhattan
1963-I cleaned out strawberry patch. Picked tomatoes, canned 3 qts. Wrote 2 letters. a.m. worked on pillow cases. Dad came home 3 p.m.
Aug. 27, 1959-Dad on road spraying. I mowed east yd.
1960-worked up peaches and tomatoes. Pat and Ann and children came after peaches p.m. also Hertha and Carolyn-
1961-Went to church and ss M.veans back after vacation. To Katies for supper.
1962-Took ride with Winchers p.m. stopped at Mariana's came home ate went to Katies eve.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aug. 24, 2010-Woke up this morning to a flooded house, our 31 year old water heater gave out, what a mess.

August 25, 1959-Alta and boys got back from Utah and Denver. Dad mowed on road, went to guild at Howards p.m.

1960-Picked 4 bu peaches, 2 bu pears a.m. made peach butter p.m. sold 2 bu.


1962-Cleaned and baked got ready for company Wiachers fro St. Louis arrived 5:30 p.m.

1963-To church Judy went with us , Knoxs, Mae, Rowe boys came for dinner, Dad went home with Mae for his treatment Mon. Wilsons came evening.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My favorite flower is the Sunflower, thanks to the state of Kansas. I follow a blog that reminds me of our visits to see sunflower fields, but we never visited a field this beautiful. The photo of the butterfly, wooooa!

Aug. 21, 1959-Mowed weeds in strawberry patch, baked cookies. Dad maintained
1960-To Church and SS Rowe's here for dinner brought groceries, We went to picnic for E.Guggisbargs at Haglor eve. (?)
1961-We worked on "crofs"(?) all day, saw over 20 people
1963-Did some handwork p.m. Miss Stroud stopped a.m. Dad to El Do p.m.
August 22, 1959-HOT-Cleaned, picked some limas and tomatoes, baked cake and rolls, Dad maintained
1960-Worked with peaches
1961-Cold rainy day didn't do much picked tomatoes and beans p.m.
1963-Defrosted, did hand wash, Miss Stroud brought clothes to Alta, Dad fished.
Aug. 23, 1959- To SS and church no company
1960-Dad went to Leon to fish
1961-Canned few beans a.m. and tomatoes, Katie and girls came p.m. we went fishing finished crof calls eve.
Aug. 1959-Did some hoeing am went to Elmer Nelson funeral p.m.
1960-Had box of mangoes from Herbs
1961-Went to El Do, to Marianas and fair p.m. Stoid for drawing no winner
1963-Did up Sat. work, a.m. finished Mrs Strouds altering p.m. made pie for Sun

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug. 19, 1959-The Knox came eve
1961-Cleaned, canned tomatoes, baked cookies defrosted, picked one half bu tomatoes and some okra
1962-To church and ss Mae came, Barbara went home
1963-Washed a.m. to guild at Templeton's p.m. Picked tomatoes eve.
Aug. 20-1959-Mariana and children up for dinner. I mowed east yd eve Dad maintained
1961-Went to church and ss John Oliver preached, Mae here for dinner, Ruth and Diane came p.m. we went to Katie's to see Kettermans in the eve.
1962-Washed, wrote letters p.m. watered flowers eve. Dad fished
1963- Ironed a.m. Dad fished Alta brought 4 boys to spend day fishing. Eur and Rosemary brought Deebacks.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Aug. 15, 1959-Had 2 in rain overnight.
1960-Washed and ironed picked tomatoes towards eve. Dad and Rod fished twice.
1961-Washed a.m. went to guild at Fosters p.m. had part of lesson. Judy came and staid all night.
Aug. 16, 1959-To church and ss The McLean's here for dinner also Mae
1960-Went to Wich. Dad had cyst on back removed. Mariana took us over. Rod wanted to come back with us.
1961-I ironed a.m. Judy here for day, Eloise came after her in the evening.
1962-Ice Cream social at church eve. very cool.
Aug. 17, 1959-Washed picked lima beans hulled them eve.
1961-Picked kidney and lima beans and hulled them.
1962-Canned few tomatoes, baked cookies.
1963-John Rookds wedding Dads face not doing well.
Aug. 18, 1959-Processed limas for freezer, ironed. Dad on road.
1961-Canned 10 pts kidney beans froze some limas, picked more lima beans froze 4 pts.
1962-Baked rolls cleaned
1963-Went to Wichita with Katie and girls. Dad had his face treated, we all went to Newton and Peabody afterwards.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug. 13, 1959-Picked one half bu Lima's froze 9 Pt's, Dad mowed went to Katie's eve.
1960-Did Sat work. canned few tomatoes. To El Do p.m.
1961-Rained most of the day, to church and ss no company
1963-much cooler, Worked out all a.m. cleaned out Strawberry patch picked Lima's froze 4 Pt's. Dooley's called eve.
Aug. 14, 1959-Went fishing and picnic with Katie and girls, caught nice string fish, began to rain about 9 p.m.
1960-To church and ss a.m. Mae and Rod here for dinner. Knox's came p.m. Wilson's in the eve. Rod staid over.
1961-Cloudy day. Eloise and Judy arrived in El Do
1962-Barbara came to stay few days. Anne picked beans a.m. here for dinner. to Katie's eve.
1963-nice and cool

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug. 11, 1959-
1961-Anne came to pick beans staid for dinner, Dad mowed cemetery I watered strawberries and glads did some cleaning. Dad fished
1963-Hot-To church, Judy, Dick and McAllister went with us, Rowes and Mae came, all here for dinner. Rod home with them Altas came eve.
Aug. 12, 1959-Picked one half bu limas froze 8 pts, watered tomatoes and st berries. Dad mowed, went to church eve Mimes there
1961-Picked last corn-some tomatoes and okra, watered eve. Dad mowed yds, butchered trees mowed little canned 3 qts pickles.
1962-To church and ss cool no company for dinner.
1963-Hot canned and picked tomatoes a.m.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug. 7, 1959-
1960-Church and ss Rowes here for dinner, hot day.
1961-canned 5 pts red beans. Dad helped on road. I cleaned out weeds in garden, picked Lima beans.
1962-Herbs came back from Wichita. Diane brought back Larry eve.
Aug. 8, 1959-Did Sat work a.m. to El Do p.m. bought material to cover chair. Dad fished eve got 11 big fish.
1960-canned 3 qt tomatoes
1961-Ann and boys came for beans tomatoes ect. Dad went fishing p.m. Dad ? ? weed. I cultivated and garden cut some weeds, put 7 pts. Lima's in freezer.
1963-Sold 8 pts tomatoes
Aug. 9, 1959-To ss and church a.m. Phillips children went with us. no company.
1960-nice and cool. worked outside a.m. with quilt block p.m. Dad town with Shorty a.m. mowed yds p.m.
1961-Hertha came for dinner with some news. I worked out side a.m.
1962-Herbs left for home a.m. McGee's came p.m. took us out to eat eve, to Marianas afterwards
1963-Canned 5 qts tomatoes a.m. Went to Wichita for check up lunch at Alta's, Mariana took us, Rod came home with us.
Aug. 10, 1959-Worked outside.
1960-Cool, Worked outside a.m. Looked for used clothing p.m. Dad worked ? ? a.m. mowed cemetery p.m.
1961-Dad to town a.m. to get insurance fixed up, I baked cake and cookies.
1962-Late breakfast, McGee's left about noon for Wichita.
1963-Dad and Rod fished all day. I cleaned canned tomatoes, made rolls.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aug. 5, 1959-Canned 7 qts kidney beans, watered sweet corn and st berries to wscs at Katies p.m.
1961-Worked most of day, baked cake & rolls, washed hair.
1962-We all went to Knox's for dinner-Larry and Diane went out eve. Wims, Pat and Children Katie and girls here eve. HOT
1963-Washed, picked 2 buckets tomatoes, canned 8 qts p.m. Dad to Newton with Shorty.
Aug. 6, 1959-
1961-To church and ss Mae came for dinner
1962-Herbs went to Wichita, Dad put up voting booths in school house. I picked tomatoes and kidney beans. canned 4 qts. tomatoes and red beans.
1963-Ironed a.m. patched, worked on blue print. Hot. Bob Kalps moved to Tex.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 30, 1959-Hot 96 degrees - Defrosted, canned 5 qt beans. Dad mowed, I worked outside a.m. fixed stove burner p.m. Pat and Annie and children came to pick beans p.m.
1960-To church and ss a.m. Mae came, Dad went to Doris Day funeral p.m.
1961-Hot-To church and ss a.m. Mae called no company.
1963-Hot-Cultivated strawberries and some of garden a.m. picked tomatoes.
July 31, 1959-Hot 95 degrees. Dad went mowing, I mowed in strawberry patch, dressed 2 chicks a.m.
1960-Washed a.m.
1961-Washed and fixed some corn for freezer. picked cukes and tomatoes Dad mowed roads.
1963-Hot, did some hoeing a.m. Picked bucket tomatoes.
Aug. 1, 1959-hot-Dad to Condell sale
1961-Hot I hoed 2 hrs. a.m. then ironed Johns came p.m. with Big Surprise. Dad mowed
1962-To USCS p.m. at Knausmans, had lesson picked beans and tomatoes
1963-Canned 4 qts tomatoes ? first of yr. sold. $100. worth cut out basted blue rose bud print dress. Dad to ElDo eve. Dad directed traffic for angus ?ouie.
Aug. 2,1959-Hot- We went to ss and church, Mae, Alta and boys came for dinner brought Docksbund.
1960-Ironed a.m. E.Guggesbergs called, we voted a.m. mended p.m. picked beans and tomatoes, okra.
1961-Dad finished mowing road a.m. I went to wscs at Noells p.m. had big shower of rain.
1962-Herbs came p.m. cleaned up house a.m. picked tomatoes.
1963-Worked on blue print dress.
Aug. 3, 1959-I washed Dad graded roads.
1960-Cleaned out wash house a.m. to wscs at Winsus p.m. rain p.m. more in eve 1.42 in electrical storm.
1961-We went to ElDo p.m. to Mariana's, staid in town for drawing, got groceries ate before coming home.
1962-Herbs went to Wichita p.m. after getting battery charged. Larry staid he and dad fished eve.
1963-Cleaned a.m. hot picked tomatoes canned 5 qt.
Aug. 4, 1959-Dad cleaned out ditches. I ironed patched - picked red beans, bulled them in eve.
1960-canned few tomatoes.
1961-Anns came for jars. I fixed some pickles, cleaned some
1962-hot-Cleaned picked tomatoes and beans got corn, made rolls, potato salad, went to Wilson's for picnic eve.
1963-To church a.m., no company rested p.m. Hot.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July 26, 1959-Went to ss and church a.m. Katie & girls here for dinner, Wilson's came p.m.
1961-Quilted, Dad mowed
1963-Mowed east yd a.m. Dad worked on well house, he went fishing p.m. Judy came, I finished mowing around house watered flowers.
July 27, 1959-Dad dug potatoes Dick picked up Em. and R.M. stopped a.m. several showers of rain. Dad Dick and girls went fishing eve, Pecks came.
1960-Got 12 chickens at Katie's evening.
1961-Mariana and Children came p.m.Pearl called from Wichita, Dad mowed.
1963-Cleaned first tomatoes showery cooler. rested p.m. Dad went fishing p.m.
July 28, 1959-Dad to El Do a.m. he and Shorty went fishing p.m. I entertained D Graff guild p.m.
1960-Dressed 8 chickens a.m.
1961-I cleaned house, Pearl and Mack came about noon. Mack took us out for supper and Knox's and Pecks came eve. Pearl and Mack left 9 a.m. for Wich. and Amarillo. Dad mowed I fixed some corn for freezer dug one half bu potatoes picked first tomatoes finished green 9 patch quilt.
1962-Mae called to leave on trip p.m.
1963-Showers, cooler-To church a.m. no company rested all p.m.
July 29, 1959-Dad mowed roads, I worked outside a.m.
1962-Rained a.m. didn't go to church Rev Lohd here for dinner.
1963-Barbara's birthday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 22, 1959-Hot and humid - Ironed a.m. Dad to town with Shorty they fished rest of day, no fish. picked one half bu beans canned 5 qts. clipped hedge. Dooleys come after corn.
1960-Light rain some cooler defrosted baked cookies a.m.
1961-Heavy rain most of day roads flooded fields under water.
1962-Washed, fixed peaches for freezer. Rev and Hrs. Himes called p.m. Dad and C. Noell cen??? for C.R.O.P.
July 23, 1959-
1961-to church and ss a.m. Chas and Pat came p.m. staid for supper.
1962-Ironed, Rev. Southard called a.m. Katie and girls and the Hines came evening.
1963-Ironed plowed out rows in strawberry patch a.m. Dad caught big bullhead a.m. to Walsut p.m. got 9 cats
July 24, 1959-Wimbuys came for corn eve.
1960-To church and ss a.m. to Wichita to Johns for dinner
1961-Quilted, Dad mowed cemetery a.m. road p.m.
1962-To El Do evening
1963-I hoed while a.m. Dad fished.
July 25, 1959-Dad had board meeting at locks he mowed cemetery, I did Sat work, mowed east lawn p.m. cleaned out melon patch.
1961-Dad mowed road. I put 9 pts corn in freezer. Annie came p.m.
1962-Did some cleaning
1963-Watered flower bed p.m. went to El Do p.m. to Marianas for steak fry eve. Dressed 4 hens
How do you dress a hen? Suz

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 8, 1959-Dad on roads, I wrapped chickens for freezer, did some hoeing. Rain in p.m. To welcome for McCean's at Burns eve.
1960-Cool and dry. First sweet corn
1961-Cleaned, started irrigating garden, put lower well pump in, picked 2 qt boysenberries. Dad and Shorty went fishing eve.
1962-To church and ss no company for dinner, Herian and Lina Ketteman came eve.
1963-Washed, picked wild grapes. worked, few apples into sauce Dad fished watered garden eve.
July 9, 1959-Cooler-Dad spread ????weed ???? a.m. Judy went to Wys's am and to El Do eve, Dad went fishing eve, Noells stopped.
1960-Did Sat work, got in corn and first ripe peaches.
1961-To Church and ss Mae here for dinner, Alta and $ boys came p.m. Charley came eve
1962-Washed, it rained, electricity off one hour. Dried clothes p.m.
1963-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. girls stopped. Rained p.m. & all night. Dad finished digging potatoes a.m.
July 10, 1959-
1960-Warm 100 degrees. To church a.m. Mae and Knox's here for dinner Katie and girls p.m. Wilson's eve also Kettemans.
1961-Did some watering a.m. put green 9 patch quilt in frame. Dad and Shorty went fishing p.m.
1962-Ironed a.m. Dad mowed yds.
1963-1.22 rain
July 11, 1959-
1960-Hot, Defrosted and rearranged freezer a.m. watered some of garden p.m. Dad and Shorty fished eve.
1961-Watered a.m. quilted p.m.
1962-Dad mowed cemetery a.m. fished p.m. got 18. Little cool. I mowed weeds in orchard and garden, wrote to Rices.
1963-Did some patching. Dad to Burns with Shorty a.m. Dad to El Do eve.
July 12, 1959-To ss and church, Knox's here for dinner, Wilson's in the p.m. Ketteman's eve, also Katie and girls, Barbara staid.
1960-Fixed 4 qts corn for freeze. Annie and boys came a.m.
1962-Graham new comer in accident. Fixed 6 pts corn for freezer. Mr. Campbell gave dinner ate Hotel for grands and us.
1963-Made apron p.m. cleaned bedroom and living room to Katie's eve, rained, came home early.
July 13,1959-Went to El Do. a.m. started border print skirts for little girls. Herbs arrived 9 p.m.
1960-Fixed 4 qts corn for freezer a.m. Pearl and Mack came brought ?? took us to supper at Turnpike Cafe. called on Wilson's, Pecks not home.
1961-Dad to Wichita for check up. rained nearly all fore??? 90 degrees. I wrote to Wanda, Pear and Anna.
1962-Bringtons Judy and Mickey left, for NC.
1963-1.95 rain. Cleaned a.m. made rolls p.m. picked corn.
July 14, 1959-rain over night. Sonny boy, got out and is lost. Herb to ElDo, Dad and Larry to Burns for repairs for bathroom. Pecks, Wilsons came eve.
1960-Mick took car to Bobs for wheel alignment. Pearl and I picked peaches and corn, John and Caroline called, Me Gees left p.m. for Wich.
1961-95* Cleaned baked 2 batches cookies quilted p.m.
1962-Dad maintained. I worked in garden mowed yd, Dick came p.m. to say goodbye.
1963-To church Mae Alta and boys and Knox's here for dinner, brought groceries.
July 15, 1959- 2.56 rain over night. Herbs to Wichita. Dad and Larry to Burns. I got 13 qts corn ready for freezer p.m.
1960-Dad on road.
1961-Warm 90* To church and ss no company.
1962-To church and ss Mae here for dinner, new comers stopped in eve also Harry Thomas.
1963-Fixed 11 pts peaches for freezer. canned 5 qts and 5 pts kraut. Planted 2 rows sweet corn, Dad dished potato patch, I mowed little eve. Dad fished eve.
July and Annie to Marianas for dinner to Pecks for supper. Mae came and we fixed corn for freezer, brought groceries.
1960-did up Sat work.
1961-Very warm
1962-Mariana, Bob and Steve up to help with corn put 13 pts in freezer.
1963-To guild at Vogelmans
July 17,1959-Herbs went to Wichita staid all night McGees arrived there too. Eloise and family here for supper.
1960-To church and ss no company for dinner Chas and Pat came p.m. showers p.m.
1961-Washed and ironed.
1962-Went to guld at M Vogelmans. Dad to El Do to get mower repairs, he went fishing eve.
1963-worked garden
July 18, 1959-Pearl and Mack came Sat. a.m. we all went to Knox's for a picnic in the evening Pearl and Mack came home with us.
1960-Went to Wichita on bus for Dr appointment, Dads back ok. I had groth taken off fore head
1961-To K.C. with Charley's to Mrs. Campbell's funeral had good trip, weather hot.
1962-Harvested onions and cleaned out weeds. Alta and boys came brought peaches. helped fix them, Rod staid.
1963-Judy arrived from N.C. harvested onions.
July 19, 1959-McGees left 7:30 a.m. We went to ss and church-no company for dinner, Herbs, Mae, came back.Mickey Mickie Pat family Katie and girls, Alta came eve.
1960-Washed a.m. Mr and Mrs. Phillips called eve.
1961-Cleaned out some weeds in garden a.m. quilted p.m. Did hand wash.
1962-Dad and Rod fished caught 5 & 6. a.m. Rod slept p.m. to Katies eve to see Ralph pictures.
1963-Cleaned weeds from some of garden.
July 20, 1959- Made skirt for Susan a.m. Had early supper. Herbs left for Wichita about 5 on way home-we got 6 chickens from Katie eve.
1960-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. Dad mowed cemetery.
1961-To church meeting eve. Dad to El Do to assemble road mower. I quilted some. Ruth and girls came p.m. for Dads birthday. 1.06 rain.
1962-Dads birthday, Alta Mae Doug came p.m. Rod went home they brought ice cream more peaches cak, fruit.
1963-Cleaned - Mrs. Straud came a.m. Judy, Ann and boys came for dinner. Hot.
July 21, 1959-Dad maintained I washed got big shower at 2.15 p.m. and got some of clothes wet again. Linda had tonsillectomy.
1960-Dads birthday, he and Shorty went fishing at 6 a.m. home noon. The Knox's, Wilson's and Mae came eve with ice cream and cake.
1961-Dads birthday. 2.60 rain. Mae, Alta and boys brought supper, Wilson's came later brought cake and ice cream.
1962-To church a.m. no company for dinner, Knox's, Pecks and Wilson's came p.m.
1963-Hot-Dads birthday to church a.m. thunder storms.
Mae, Alta and boys, Wilson's, and Knox's brought cake and ice cream.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 4, 1959-.96 in warm rain. We staid home Dad fished a.m. I dressed 3 chicks did Sat. work.
1960-.44 rain. Cooler, I moved furniture and rug Dad fished a.m. we went to cemetery p.m. and put awnings.
1961-Home all day, to Wilson's for picnic eve.
1962-Big rain 2.60 in Dad, Chas and Shorty fished got 13. Wilson's came p.m.
1963-Hot-Went on picnic and fishing with Katie and girls most of day. Had fish fry eve, Wilson's went to arena.
July 5,1959-To ss and church am no company rested p.m.
1960-Washed, Dad on road
1961-To wscs at Ruby K. p.m. board meeting eve.
1962-Went to ElDo p.m. ate out, Wim and Judy came eve.
1963-Hot, Watered flowers a.m. Defrosted, watered garden eve sold ? potatoes to Mrs. Hager Dad and Shorty fished eve.
July 6, 1959-Dad mowed roads I washed and ironed.
1960-I ironed a.m. went to wscs at Mary V. Emma brought me home. Dad maintained.
1961-Dad mowed road all day.
1962-Cleaned, baked cake made jello salad, Brunigtons here for supper.
1963- HOT 102 degrees. Did Sat cleaning, sold bri potato's to G. Heyman. Dad fished a.m.
July 7,1959-Dad mowed roads. I dressed 6 chickens and did some cultivating. Eloise brought Judy to stay a few days. She went to ballgame eve.
1961-Dad took road mower to be repaired.
1962-Dad went fishing a.m. I cleared out flower garden. planted cukes picked few beans, made rolls, Judy called p.m.
1963-To church a.m. very hot. no company for dinner, rested p.m. Ketteneans came eve.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June 30, 1959-Hot, shower in the eve, 49 rain. Eloise and girls, Annie children, Mick & Dick here for dinner, rain towards eve Dad mowed road
1960-98 degrees. Watered flower bed a.m. baked cookies, defrosted
1961Pauline H. funeral yesterday p.m. hot and windy. Mrs Noell and Virginia stopped. Dad to El Do for lower plate
1962-Cleaned house baked cake and rolls. Dad and H Dairs went fishing all day. Annies, Judy, Eloise and girls came p.m.
1963-Church and ss a.m. Hot, Mae came by.
July 1, 1959-Cool, replanted some corn made noodles. Dad to El Do. I went to WSCS at Mayory G. p.m.
1960-Washed hair, dug potatoes, picked few beans and lettuce. mowed east lawn, rain
1961-Hot-Put up awnings a.m. picked beans and boysenberries. Dad and Shorty went fishing eve.
1962-To church and ss Mickey and Dick, Judy came with us. they and Mae here for dinner.
1963-Hot, 98*-Did hand wash, made 2 and a half gal. kraut. Dad fished most of the day.
July 2, 1959-Mariana and children here for dinner, Katie and girls stopped in, we got 30 chickens from them in the evening.
1961-To church and ss no company for dinner.
1962-Worked in garden a.m. Johns came p.m. staid for supper.
1963-Hot - 98* Watered flower garden eve, picked few beans.
July 3,1959-I dressed 12 chickens, picked some beans and dug some potatoes.
1961-Washed and ironed.
1963-Spinden Weber wedding. WSCS at M. Gfell p.m.

Monday, July 26, 2010

June 20, 1959-Went to El Do, am got 5 chickens and cut then up for freezer, did cleaning
1960-Canned to Pt's pineapple am washed pm John and Caroline came pm
1961-Ironed am to guild pm at De Witt, worked in garden eve, picked one and a half gal pt. beans, dad fished
1962-Hailae? went to Laundromat Dad and girls went to town We went to Katie's pm Rain storm at night.52 rain.
1963-Aired bedding from wash house. cleaned out feather tick. Dad to El Do eve. I mowed the yd.
June 21, 1959-.49 in rain cooler. Went to church and ss to Wichita for dinner, Mae met us in ElDo.
1960-Ironed a.m. picked few cherries and hoed some pm mended sauce.
1961-Froze 2 qt beans, reset some plants Dad and Shorty went fishing, mended pm.
1962-The Rices left 8 am electricity off till 7 am I straightened up house.
1963-Cultivated garden picked pail of beans, put 2 qts in freezer. to Katie's eve.
June 22,1959-Some cooler, rain eve. Washed a.m. picked some beans p.m.
1960-Worked in garden a.m. cleaned out pea patch, clipped hedge, picked last cherries to church eve.
1961-Did some mending and repairing.
1962-Worked outside, washed hair.
1963-cleaned a.m. mowed some p.m.
June 23, 1959-Canned 5 qts beans ironed a.m. worked outside p.m. To Katie's eve.
1961-Mowed east yd. Dad and Shorty fished p.m. Katie and girls came eve.
1963-Cool, To church a.m. no company rested all p.m.
June 24, 1959-Worked outside mended Dad maintained. Pecks came evening.
1961-Cleaned baked 2 batches of cookies. Dad and Shorty to Burns p.m. fished eve.
1962-To church and ss no company. Micky arrived in ElDo on furlough.
1963-Washed nice day. Dad cultivated corn ect. and lower garden
June 25, 1959-Cultivated garden a.m. Dad on road from 6 to 6 we went to s. cemetery eve.
1960-Cleaned a.m. to town p.m. and Mears for milk
1961-To church and ss no company for dinner.
1962-Washed a.m.
1963-Canned 5 qts beans froze qt. ironed am
June 26, 1959-Windy showers. Cleaned out flower bed. Dad maintained a.m. mowed cemetery p.m. cleaned some. I picked some beans.
1960-To church and ss Mae and Pecks here for dinner.
1961-Went to Eloise and Mrs Enabat a.m.
1962-Ironed a.m. canned 5 qts beans. did some patching p.m.
June 27, 1959-Windy, canned 4 qts beans. Dad board meeting he and Shorty to Burns p.m.
1960-worked in garden
1962-Froze 2 qts beans, worked and flower bed, baked cake Katie and girls here for supper. Ems birthday.
1962-Mickey, Charley's and Dick here for supper. Dad and Mic went fishing p.m.
1963-Washed windows a.m. to El Do. p.m. and to Marianas got wedding gift for Spinden wedding.
June 28, 1959-to ss and church a.m. church dinner noon, children's day program p.m. home by 3 p.m.
1960-hot and windy
1961-Hot 90 degrees. Made noodles. Dad to Burns to have sickles fixed for road mower to El do p.m. broke lower plate.
1962-Went to cemetery. Dad helped mow church yd. I helped Mary little. drove over to Katie's afterwards. picked beans and boysenberries did some hoeing eve Dad to El Do p.m. drove over Katie's afterwards.
1963-Put up awnings a.m. Emes birthday. Katie and girls over eve. Dad fished most of day, hot.
June 29, 1959-Watered garden all day Johns came noon. Just got back from trip.
1960-hot and windy 98. did some watering and hoeing a.m.
1961-We went to ElDo, got muslin and quilt batting. Dad took lower plate in to fix.
1963-Cleaned and made cookies. hot. Dad watered garden am fished pm.

Friday, July 23, 2010

June 16,1959-Dad mowed, 95 degrees. Cultivated garden with tractor, picked gal beans, watered flowers bed. Mick and Dick here for supper.
1960-Worked in garden part of the day. Dad fished about all day. Barbara picked cherries.
1961-Dad to Wichita for check up, brought Rod home they went fishing eve. I cleaned out sweet ??and mowed yard.
1962-Did Sat work, baked rolls and cake. The ? Ric's arrived p.m.
1963-Fathers day. Real cool. To Church. Pecks came for dinner. Mae, Rowe, Knox's and Wilson's came p.m. brought supper.
June 17, 1959-
1960-Eloise and girls here for dinner. Ruth and Mariana came to picked cherries p.m. Heyman's came, Barbara went home.
1961-Did up Sat work, baked rolls. Rod hunted all day, they went to pond eve.
1962-Went to church early, Ric's with us. Mae came for dinner. Rowe's, Wilson's came p.m. for Father day.
1963-Dad fished, cool. I pruned trees & shrubs, girls bought sweet potato plants, set them out p.m. picked beans, put 2 qts in freezer.
June 18, 1959-
1960-Did Sat work. Made pies for Sun. Made pies for Sun. Dad brought home 4 pineapples.
1961-To church and ss a.m. Rowe's and Mae here for dinner. Wilson's came p.m. Rod went home.
1962-Bad rain in night. Dad and Harlen went fishing a.m. with little girls. We went to Wilson's & Knox's pm ate supper at El Do down to Burns.
1963-I went to Guild at Larders pm to Katie's eve.
June 19, 1959-Baked 2 batches or cookies am
1960-to church and ss then to Wichita to Alta's for dinner with Wilson's
1961-washed a.m.
1962-We all went to Wichita pm to see the Rowe's Alta took us around town. We staid for supper home by 10

Thursday, July 22, 2010

June 14, 1959-To church a.m. John Oliver preached. Mae and Alta and boys here for dinner. Carol Hutchinson got married.
1960-Mariana and Barbara picked cherries, froze 14 qts. canned 2 qts. Eloise and family stopped.
1961-.84 rain cooler, baked cookies, a.m. Went to board meeting and reception for new minister eve.
1963-Mowed east lawn a.m. HOT
June 15,1959-Warm Worked outside a.m. did hand wash p.m.
1960-Barbara staid over. We picked peas put 4 pts in freezer. The Hyman's called
1962-Did some cleaning made pies for freezer, got ready for company.
1963-Had nice rain over night 1.20 Dad to El Do a.m. I cleaned, baked rolls, picked beans, lettuce p.m. Peck called eve.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On yesterdays posting I said we stopped to eat lunch, wellllll-there were no fast food places, it was a picnic. How things change.
June 7, 1959-To church, new minister here for first time. Knox's here for dinner.
1960-Cool, had more rain dried cloths, mostly inside Dad to Burns with Shorty, fished some p.m.
1961-Picked strawberries picked some peas eve.
1962-canned 4 pt pineapple
1963-Katie and girls came eve, brought sweet potato plants.
June 8, 1959-washed a.m. mowed yd. p.m.Dad put in bridge.
1960-cool, ironed am picked peas pm one half bu. Pecks stopped with new station wagon pm Eloise girls Ann and Judy came eve.
1961-Got up early. picked about bu. peas. Mariana and children up to help hull peas. Barbara staid over.
1963-Cleaned am baked cookies made noodles set out sweet potato plants. Mrs. Noell and Ralph Notz called pm Dad fished all day.
June 9, 1959-Ironed am worked in garden pm set out tomato plants and asters
1960-cool more rain-Defrosted packed 12 pts peas for freezer made pt. strawberry preserves.
1961-Cleaned bedrooms 1 living room picked strawberries and peas eve.
1962-Dad Sat work
1963-To church and ss Ralph Notz came home with us for dinner. The Rowe's came, Julia and Betty came after Ralph. Wilson's came eve.
June 10,1959-Johns stopped early am
1961-Did up Sat work, baked rolls got lettuce and peas ready. Dad and Barbara to Burns pm
1962-To church and ss no company, to board meeting eve.
1963-Washed am watered garden pm Dad fished pm
June 11, 1959-Warm, Cut out my dress from Mariana and started it.
1960-Did up Sat work Judy came pm She went to Burns eve, Dad to town pm
1961-To church and ss am Wilson's here for dinner. We went to Phillips anniversary pm and called on Cal Heyman
1962-Washed and ironed rained and hailed pm .46 rain
1963-Hot & windy. Ironed Dad worked garden a.m. fished p.m. got 15 pastured(?) flower bed eve.
Hulda Frey passed away early morn.
June 12, 1959-Finished my dress, cleaned bedroom and living room
1960-To church and ss the Rowe's and Judy here for dinner.
1961-Hot and windy. Worked in garden. Picked last strawberries pm fixed some peas.
1962-worked outside most of day.
1963-Hot and dry, Did some watering am. Em and Rosemary stopped asked us to g0 to Wathena. I defrosted cleaned up house.
June 13, 1959-Put in pump to irrigate potatoes irrigated st berries and beans. Dad to ElDo p.m.
1960-Rainy, didn't do much of anything.
1961-hot and windy. Worked in garden all forenoon, cleaned off pea patch and picked bucket full peas, hulled peas p.m. Dad to Burns with Shorty. planted cantaloupes eve.
1962-patched some - baked pie, Dad and minister went fishing am they staid for dinner
1963-We went to Wathena with Katie and girls. left 5:30, went to Hulden Freys funeral, hot day, had dinner at Duboels(?), got home 9 p.m.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo-My brother and I, many years ago. Our sister was born about 7 years after this photo was taken. Her first trip to Kansas, she was very young, what a trip that was, hot, hot, hot, before the Florida turnpike! That was the year our grandmother (mothers mother) went with us, before car seats, just about before everything. How did we do that, 3 adults, 3 kids and an old car without air. I'm thinking, after that year, my dad bought a new car every 3 years just so we could drive to Kansas. He always took such good care of his cars. I remember stopping, after my sister threw up all over my mother blouse, my mom changing, us eating our lunch, having devil eggs, all before we left Florida. We just drove far enough so my dad couldn't turn around. Well, that is what memories are made of.
June 1, 1959-To El Do, a.m.
1960-Went to south cemetery a.m. Pat, Ann & children stopped while, we picked few st berries put 3 Pt's in freezer
1961-finished 9 patch quilt. Went to El Do eve. brought wedding gift for Wm Locker
1963-Shower rain a.m. cleaned - Dad to Burns a.m. fished p.m. I picked last berries & peas.
June 2, 1959-
1960-worked in garden picked few berries towards eve.
1961-.27 rain. Set out the tomato plants. Picked 3 gal st berries, put 3 Pt's in deep freeze, made 6 Pt's preserves . To Katies and Cal. Heymans eve.
1962-rained most of day .98
1963-.80 rain. To church and ss a.m. no company. Mae returned from Florida.
June 3, 1959- Sent cookies for bible school, a.m. to W.S.C.S. at Alice G. p.m. to board meeting evening.
1960-pt. picked some berries, to W.S.C.S. at Spicedens p.m.
1961-.25 rain. Picked gal st berries a.m. also lettuce and peas, to El Do to parade p.m. mowed yd eve. Dad fished.
1962-To church and ss new minister John Roald (?)preached. Katie and girls and Pecks came for dinner.
1963-Mae came up to report on Florida. I rummaged in attic. worked on rag rug.
June 4, 1959-Nice cool day. Worked out side most of day.
1960-Hot day - did up sat work, picked few berries to town p.m. to Hertha's to get bird, then to Mears for milk.
1961-To church and ss new (????) minister something cotton-Knox's here for dinner, Katie and gals came eve.
1962-Cleaned closet and aired clothes and bedding.
1963-Worked in garden. cleaned out pea patch, planted cantaloupes - cultivated garden.
June 5,1959-Warmer, worked some outside, cleaned some, Dad maintained
1960-To church and ss am Mae and friend, the Knox's and the Wilsons came p.m.
1961-Washed, picked strawberries. Mariana and Barbara came to help, put up 6 pts preserves, froze 3 pts, Dad fished 3
1962-Worked some in garden pulling weeds, planted some cantaloupes, cleaned out pea vines set out tomato plants.
1963-Hoed some a.m. to wscs at church pm showers of rain here, mowed
June 6, 1959-cleaned
1960-Washed but it rained a little most of day so didn't hang out. Eloise and family arrived eve in El Do and F????
1961-Ironed, wrote to Anna-mended p.m. canned strawberries preserves pm Dad went fishing all pm and eve.
1962-Worked garden, a.m. To WSCS at Katies pm to Touanda for quarterly conf. with Nocles.
1963-Worked in garden am to El Do pm Girls stopped pm

Monday, July 19, 2010

May 27, 1959-Cleaned and painted wood work in living room.
1960-Started for home a.m. reached home about 3pm Mae went home, Mariana came to pick strawberries.

1961-Did up Sat work, mowed lawn p.m.
1962-To s.s. am.m. no church service conference, Knox's and Mae up for dinner, warmer
1963-Fine day, Washed, Mr. Campbell here for dinner, mowed east lawn p.m. Dad and Shorty went to Walwet R.
May 28, 1959-Kyle ladies papered living room I painted floor
1961-Went to ss then to Burns for memorial service. Mae came for dinner, Wilson came eve.
1962-Washed, cloudy threatening had 120 rain pm picked gal berries put 2 Pt's in freezer
1963-Ironed a.m. to cemetery and Katie's pm
May 29, 1959-rain over night. Moved things back into living room and cleaned rest of house. Dad mowed cemetery and our yd.
1960-Left Oceola 7 am ate breakfast on way lunch at turnpike cafe home 2 pm good trip.
1961-Worked in garden am quilted pm
1962-To Ebenezer pm
1963-worked in garden and flower bed am Dad cultivated garden am
May 30,1959-Windy warm. We went to both cemeteries with flowers in am. The Rowe's & May & the Wilson's here for dinner brought food.
1960-unpacked put things away did hand wash picked few strawberries Dad to town pm
1961-Hot. Went to both cemeteries am Alta and 4 boys came brought their dinner, boys caught frogs, we picked some berries.
1962-Baked pie and rolls. Went to Redgway cemetery am The Rowe's came at noon had rain and hail eve. Hertha stopped.
May 31, 1959-To ss am no company rested pm light rain
1960-To ss am no church conference Sunday went to cemetery towards eve.
1962-To El Do pm got Dick present. Stopped at Annie's, did grocery shopping staid for drawing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

May 24, 1959-To ss in am to Knox's for dinner Mae took us in her new car. To church in eve.
1960-Left Wes Union 7 a.m. ate breakfast at Fredicksburg then on to Kratgs for dinner to Ia Falls called on A. Nisaus to Kratz's for supper and all night.
1961-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. picked 2 qts berries, nice day. moved out heater. Dad to co op meeting eve.
1962-Picked gal. berries
1963-misting/cold. Defrosted
May 25, 1959-I washed a.m. planted Lima beans and went over garden p.m.
1960-left a.m. for Polk Co. they went with us. called on their daughter scouted around(Polk Catz & Crocke saw James G. staid all night at Ames big rain
1961-Went to El Do eve got grad-gifts
1962-Had 1.02 in rain over night
1963-Did Sat work picked gal peas 5 qts berries. (Steve's? birthday) Rain eve hail storm at Wichita
May 26, 1959-Ironed a.m.
1960-Went to Walter G. for dinner Gecle? came visited p.m. saw their church. Left about 4p.m. stayed all night at Oceola.
1962-Cleaned picked gal berries 1 and a half peas, put few pts in freezer.
1963-To ss am Knox's here for dinner rained p.m. hail at Gfell

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

May 22, 1959-cool, mowed some p.m.
1960-Went to Meaewy took Mrs E. along called on Mary Thomas went to church, to Glens for dinner and afternoon lunch called on Vernes
1961-rained most day. I got out-quilt and worked on it most of the day. The girls stopped eve.
1962-To El Do and Marianas a.m. Mariana not home. Picked strawberries p.m. did some writing eve.
1963-Dad fished all day, Cool. I put 3 Pt's peas in freezer. canned 4 pts pine apple(?) picked 2 qt berries. Dad home late.
May 23, 1959-Cleaned a.m. Dad to board meeting baked cookies. p.m. washed hair mowed some
1960-Went to Rockford Charles City and West Union to see the crafts Stayed all night at motel at West U.
1961-Washed a.m. did hand wash - nice day-quilted a little. Dad mowed side yard pumped water from cellar a.m. fished p.m.
1962-picked peas, 6 pts. in freezer watered worked with berries, Dad went fishing all day got 14.
1963-Planted cantaloupe red beans, To El Do and Marianas p.m. set out row Knox tomato plants a.m.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aunt Ruth an Angel on Earth

Just had to write today
and express myself this way
Our Aunt Ruthie passed away
leaving us with SPECIAL memories
of yesterday
Thank you Aunt Ruth
for your example -
you brought to us- An Angel here on Earth
Your in a better place I know
but we will miss you so
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Z
for the special 8 gifts you brought to us
you gave them wings so they could fly
to make the world a better place
Looking out my window
brings nature in this way
and some comfort needed this day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

May 17, 1959-Hail storm, warmer. To church a.m. no company, big hail storm p.m.
1961-Had early dinner went to Knox's p.m.
1962-cleaned kitchen a.m. picked gal berries p.m. Hertha brought gift eve.
1963-Bil P. dug hole for ?. I picked 6 qt berries. Kati and girls came eve.
May 18, 1959-Windy and warmer. I cleaned kitchen and bathroom.
1960-Go ready for trip to Ia. Mae came p.m. Mariana & Steve, Hertha brought bird Ern & Rosemary stopped.
1961-Micky came home, called p.m. Anna left for home evening, we called on Pecks eve.
1962-Picked gal berries, watered some, mowed east yd a.m.
1963-Moved heater out cleaned. mowed east lawn a.m. picked first peas and gal berries p.m.cut up chickens Dad delivered Red & money to Elde.
May 19, 1959-Warm and sultry, windy. Moved out heater. Dad pumped water from cellar
1960-Started for Ia 7:15 good trip arrived at Belmont 5 .m. stayed in motel.
1961-rain early a.m.
1963-cool 39 degrees 21 rain overnight. To church and ss. The Wilson's came p.m. Had.07 rain p.m. Mae left for Florida.
May 20, 1959-Warm. Cleaned porch a.m. To guild at Dewitts p.m. Dad maintained.
1960-Called on Woagis Glen E. went to cemetery ate lunch at Meserey saw Mrs Paul Theo Wendel Kolb, to Glens for supper and all night.
1961-Cleaned a.m. mowed east yd p.m. Dad to ton with Shorty a.m. fished p.m.
1962-To church and SS a.m. no company for dinner. Katie and girls came eve had showers.09
1963-Defrosted deep freeze baked cookies. picked 2 gal. strawberries. Dad fished most day.
May 21, 1959-cooler rained. Dad fished, Hertha came p.m.
1960-Wet to clear lake ate lunch called on Mrs Enaburt. Dadand Mae saw Billie, we all went to Swhdech(?) to see Earls and family, spent night clear L
1961-rained all a.m. to church and SS a.m. rested p.m..
1962-Picked 3 gal strawberries a.m.
1963-Very cool, worked in garden a.m. To Guild at Dallhes p.m. set out row tomato plants picked Gal. peas eve.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Family Meeting Place

Pictured -Mom & Dad, Perry Oklahoma, court steps -Aunt Ruth & Dad

When we would take our trips to Kansas, aunt Ruth and uncle Jim would always have a family gathering, we would always look forward to the gathering. My brother called it "the family meeting". It gave us a chance to see our aunts, uncles, cousins and of course Grandma and Grandpa. Saw my first lightning bug at their house, my dad put one in a glass jar with holes in the lid. I thought I had a diamond, still get a thrill when I see a lightning bug.

Later on when my dad couldn't drive that far, and my grandparents had passed, I drove my parents out for aunt Ruth and uncle Jim's 60th wedding anniversary, the next day, after the celebration, we had the family meeting. My husband Jerry flew out for the weekend, what a wonderful day, and what a great trip, and good home made food. I got to see my uncle Mike, who I hadn't seen since I was a kid. What stories he told! Only wish my sister and brother and kids, could have made the trip.

The trip was great, we stopped in Oklahoma at the courthouse, where my mom and dad were married. My parents wedding dinner was at the bus stop, they had bean soup.