Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept. 11, 1959-
1960-To church and ss Rowe's and Mae came for dinner. Wilson's came towards eve.
1961-Real warm, sultry. Washed a.m. canned few tomato's, dad maintained, some rain p.m.
1962-Warmer, went on Religious survey p.m. Dad fished worked little on yd, mowed.
Sept. 12, 1959- Cleaned
1962-Dad mowed cemetery a.m. Fished p.m. I did hand wash.
1963-Dad to El Do eve.
Sept. 12, 1959-To church and ss a.m. Knoxs and Mae here for dinner, Ruth's Birthday
1963-Canned some pears, Johns stopped a.m. Katie and girls came eve.
Sept. 14, 1959-Washed, Dad on McCully road
1960-I washed a.m. we cleaned lot on cemetery p.m. baked pie to send to A.Gfe
Sept. 15, 1959-Ironed, mended. Dad on Mc road
1960-Dad had check up at Drs. OK. Ironed a.m. to H Gfel funeral p.m.
1961-Did Sat work
1963-To church no company
Sept 16, 1959-Mowed weeds picked tomatoes and pears, made catsup and pear preserves. Sharon's baby boy born.
1960-Baked 2 batches cookies a.m. pieced on quilt p.m. did some mending. Dad mowed road.
1961-To church and ss a.m. Mae here for dinner. Chas. and Pat came p.m. Peck called bad news.
1962-To church and ss a.m. Knox's here for dinner
1963-Canned 2 qts tomatoes, cleaned dinning room. Made desert for guild.

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