Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept. 1, 1959-Ironed a.m.
1961-Quarterly conference Dad went. Hot south wind 96 degrees. canned few tomatoes, picked bucket full. Mae came toward eve, back from Texas brought dishes & ?
1962-Did up Sat work. Dad to Helton sale p.m. made little tomato juice
1963-To church Judy came and went with us here for dinner. Came back eve to stay all night. .60 rain.
Sept. 2, 1959-Went to W.S.C.S. at Helmers p.m. Canned 9 qts tomatoes a.m.
1960-Worked with peaches. Annie came up and picked last of peaches. hot and windy dusty
1961-Mae here, we did work a.m. Mae and I went to El Do eve to Mariana a while had lunch at carry out. Dad went fishing.
1962-Rain in a.m. to church and s.s. a.m. no company rested p.m.
1963-cooler, .25 rain. Washed, Judy left a.m. Pecks came p.m. went fishing while no luck.
Sept. 3, 1959-Cleaned out flower bed did some hoeing a.m. cracked walnuts.
1960-Cleaned, finished peaches, made 4 qts. peach pickles Dad and Shorty to town over noon (El Dor) to Burns p.m.
1961-Rained a.m. To church and ss a.m. Mae went home Went to Walters wedding p.m. Ruth and Mariana's came eve.
1962-rain a.m. canned few tomatoes.
1963-Ironed a.m. mended p.m. Rev. Southerds and daughter called p.m.
Sept. 4, 1959-Annie and neighbors came after tomatoes and potatoes. Dad and Shorty to El Dor
1960-To church and ss no company rested all p.m.
1961-120 rain. Labor Day, we went to Florence with Wilsons, to see Barbara perform.
1962-Rain a.m.
Sept. 5, 1959-Cleaned house baked cake.
1960-Canned 10 qts. pears, finished peach pickles. Pecks came evening.
1961-Defrosted deep freeze a.m. Dad to El Dor p.m.
1962-Rain washed, cleaned room, dried clothes, ironed most of them.
1963-Cleaned flower bed, to El Dor eve.
Sept. 6, 1959-To church and ss a.m. no company, went to Wilsons p.m.
1960-Cleaned and washed floors, washed windows, put away canned pears and peaches, went to guild at A. Leathers p.m.
1961-To WSCS at Phillips p.m. to board meeting eve. Dad did some mowing on road.
1962-Finished ironing, canned some tomatoes, went to WSCS at Mary p.m.
1963-1963-Cleaned kitchen wood work. Dad to check up with Di
Sept. 7, 1959-Labor Day, picked tomatoes, wrote 3 letters, Dad fished.
1960-Baked cake fixed peaches a.m. had wscs women here p.m.
1962-Mended a.m. to El Dor p.m. to Marianas awhile.
1963-cleaned a.m.
Sept. 8, 1959-I worked with rag rug. Dad went with twp board to look at road.Notz's stopped to tell about Julia Adams death, Dad had dizzy spell.
1960-Finished canning pears canned few tomatoes a.m. Dad had gravel hauled in drive a.m. sawed wood p.m.
1961-Dad helped Clausee fix fridge, I us. (?)man came toward eve.
1962-Made rolls and cookies. did some cleaning.
1963-To church a.m. Mae came for dinner.
Sept. 9, 1959-Dad went mowing roads. I picked tomatoes canned 8 qts. did some hoeing, froze few ears corn. Katie and girls came eve. worked on rug.
1961-Baked rolls and cookies did Sat. work a.m. picked few lima beans and tomatoes and okra p.m. Dad fished.
1962-Much cooler-Mae Alta and Rod here for dinner. Dad to meeting for survey p.m.
1963-Cleaned living room painted wood work and floor.
Sept. 10, 1959-
1960-Cleaned a.m. to ElDor p.m. Herman G passed away.
1961-To church and ss a.m. Rev. Cotton back-The Rowes here for dinner.
1963-Moved things back in living room washed curtains and shades.

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