Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug. 30, 2010-
When visiting my aunt and Uncle in Kansas, my cousin use to take my brother and I out horse back riding through the corn fields, then we would rest under a tree by a pond or little lake. Corn fields, another beautiful Kansas sight.
This photo was taken yesterday, my medicine wheel garden, I was so excited when I notice this ear of corn, surrounded by sweet potato, rosemary and a couple of mango trees that have taken root. The corn probably won't get much bigger, but I don't care. This garden ??? is growing on coral. We are about 14 ft. above sea level. Actually this garden is a compose pile. Aug. 29, 1959-Cleaned up house, Anne and boys, Mick and Dick here for dinner, Dad to board meeting we went to El Do and Marianas p.m.
1960-Washed, did few peaches and tomatoes p.m. Bertha B got one half peaches.
1961-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. Dad painted on house.
1962-To Knausman wedding eve went with G. girls.
1963-To El Do eve.
Aug. 30, 1959-1.02 in rain-Went to ss and church a.m. Mae, Alta and boys here for dinner took Tuck the dog home with them. Wilsons here eve.
1960-Ironed a.m., patched p.m.
1961-Canned 6 qts tomatoes a.m. Patched p.m. Dad painted. HOT
1962-Did hand wash, Dooleys called p.m. watered flowers eve. Dad to El Do
Aug. 31, 1959-I washed picked one bu tomatoes canned 8 qts. p.m. Dad to town a.m . maintained p.m. Shorty brought watermelon.
1961-Warm-I cleaned out flower bed Dad painted a.m. to El Do p.m.
1962-Picked bucket tomatoes canned 4 qts. Dad and Shorty went fishing cleaned p.m.
1963-Did Sat. work made rolls and pie and cookies.

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