Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug. 13, 1959-Picked one half bu Lima's froze 9 Pt's, Dad mowed went to Katie's eve.
1960-Did Sat work. canned few tomatoes. To El Do p.m.
1961-Rained most of the day, to church and ss no company
1963-much cooler, Worked out all a.m. cleaned out Strawberry patch picked Lima's froze 4 Pt's. Dooley's called eve.
Aug. 14, 1959-Went fishing and picnic with Katie and girls, caught nice string fish, began to rain about 9 p.m.
1960-To church and ss a.m. Mae and Rod here for dinner. Knox's came p.m. Wilson's in the eve. Rod staid over.
1961-Cloudy day. Eloise and Judy arrived in El Do
1962-Barbara came to stay few days. Anne picked beans a.m. here for dinner. to Katie's eve.
1963-nice and cool

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