Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug. 11, 1959-
1961-Anne came to pick beans staid for dinner, Dad mowed cemetery I watered strawberries and glads did some cleaning. Dad fished
1963-Hot-To church, Judy, Dick and McAllister went with us, Rowes and Mae came, all here for dinner. Rod home with them Altas came eve.
Aug. 12, 1959-Picked one half bu limas froze 8 pts, watered tomatoes and st berries. Dad mowed, went to church eve Mimes there
1961-Picked last corn-some tomatoes and okra, watered eve. Dad mowed yds, butchered trees mowed little canned 3 qts pickles.
1962-To church and ss cool no company for dinner.
1963-Hot canned and picked tomatoes a.m.

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