Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug. 26, 1959-Dad mowed, I picked bucket tomatoes canned 4 qts did hand wash and pressing
1960-Sent pears to Herbs
1961-Cleaned up house picked tomatoes canned some.Dad mowed cemetery and our yd. to Burns p.m.
1962-To church and ss. Rowes, Mae Wilson's came p.m. Ruth and girls stopped few minutes noon. Diane on way to Manhattan
1963-I cleaned out strawberry patch. Picked tomatoes, canned 3 qts. Wrote 2 letters. a.m. worked on pillow cases. Dad came home 3 p.m.
Aug. 27, 1959-Dad on road spraying. I mowed east yd.
1960-worked up peaches and tomatoes. Pat and Ann and children came after peaches p.m. also Hertha and Carolyn-
1961-Went to church and ss M.veans back after vacation. To Katies for supper.
1962-Took ride with Winchers p.m. stopped at Mariana's came home ate went to Katies eve.

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