Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 30, 1959-Hot 96 degrees - Defrosted, canned 5 qt beans. Dad mowed, I worked outside a.m. fixed stove burner p.m. Pat and Annie and children came to pick beans p.m.
1960-To church and ss a.m. Mae came, Dad went to Doris Day funeral p.m.
1961-Hot-To church and ss a.m. Mae called no company.
1963-Hot-Cultivated strawberries and some of garden a.m. picked tomatoes.
July 31, 1959-Hot 95 degrees. Dad went mowing, I mowed in strawberry patch, dressed 2 chicks a.m.
1960-Washed a.m.
1961-Washed and fixed some corn for freezer. picked cukes and tomatoes Dad mowed roads.
1963-Hot, did some hoeing a.m. Picked bucket tomatoes.
Aug. 1, 1959-hot-Dad to Condell sale
1961-Hot I hoed 2 hrs. a.m. then ironed Johns came p.m. with Big Surprise. Dad mowed
1962-To USCS p.m. at Knausmans, had lesson picked beans and tomatoes
1963-Canned 4 qts tomatoes ? first of yr. sold. $100. worth cut out basted blue rose bud print dress. Dad to ElDo eve. Dad directed traffic for angus ?ouie.
Aug. 2,1959-Hot- We went to ss and church, Mae, Alta and boys came for dinner brought Docksbund.
1960-Ironed a.m. E.Guggesbergs called, we voted a.m. mended p.m. picked beans and tomatoes, okra.
1961-Dad finished mowing road a.m. I went to wscs at Noells p.m. had big shower of rain.
1962-Herbs came p.m. cleaned up house a.m. picked tomatoes.
1963-Worked on blue print dress.
Aug. 3, 1959-I washed Dad graded roads.
1960-Cleaned out wash house a.m. to wscs at Winsus p.m. rain p.m. more in eve 1.42 in electrical storm.
1961-We went to ElDo p.m. to Mariana's, staid in town for drawing, got groceries ate before coming home.
1962-Herbs went to Wichita p.m. after getting battery charged. Larry staid he and dad fished eve.
1963-Cleaned a.m. hot picked tomatoes canned 5 qt.
Aug. 4, 1959-Dad cleaned out ditches. I ironed patched - picked red beans, bulled them in eve.
1960-canned few tomatoes.
1961-Anns came for jars. I fixed some pickles, cleaned some
1962-hot-Cleaned picked tomatoes and beans got corn, made rolls, potato salad, went to Wilson's for picnic eve.
1963-To church a.m., no company rested p.m. Hot.

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