Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July 26, 1959-Went to ss and church a.m. Katie & girls here for dinner, Wilson's came p.m.
1961-Quilted, Dad mowed
1963-Mowed east yd a.m. Dad worked on well house, he went fishing p.m. Judy came, I finished mowing around house watered flowers.
July 27, 1959-Dad dug potatoes Dick picked up Em. and R.M. stopped a.m. several showers of rain. Dad Dick and girls went fishing eve, Pecks came.
1960-Got 12 chickens at Katie's evening.
1961-Mariana and Children came p.m.Pearl called from Wichita, Dad mowed.
1963-Cleaned first tomatoes showery cooler. rested p.m. Dad went fishing p.m.
July 28, 1959-Dad to El Do a.m. he and Shorty went fishing p.m. I entertained D Graff guild p.m.
1960-Dressed 8 chickens a.m.
1961-I cleaned house, Pearl and Mack came about noon. Mack took us out for supper and Knox's and Pecks came eve. Pearl and Mack left 9 a.m. for Wich. and Amarillo. Dad mowed I fixed some corn for freezer dug one half bu potatoes picked first tomatoes finished green 9 patch quilt.
1962-Mae called to leave on trip p.m.
1963-Showers, cooler-To church a.m. no company rested all p.m.
July 29, 1959-Dad mowed roads, I worked outside a.m.
1962-Rained a.m. didn't go to church Rev Lohd here for dinner.
1963-Barbara's birthday.

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