Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aug. 5, 1959-Canned 7 qts kidney beans, watered sweet corn and st berries to wscs at Katies p.m.
1961-Worked most of day, baked cake & rolls, washed hair.
1962-We all went to Knox's for dinner-Larry and Diane went out eve. Wims, Pat and Children Katie and girls here eve. HOT
1963-Washed, picked 2 buckets tomatoes, canned 8 qts p.m. Dad to Newton with Shorty.
Aug. 6, 1959-
1961-To church and ss Mae came for dinner
1962-Herbs went to Wichita, Dad put up voting booths in school house. I picked tomatoes and kidney beans. canned 4 qts. tomatoes and red beans.
1963-Ironed a.m. patched, worked on blue print. Hot. Bob Kalps moved to Tex.

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