Friday, August 13, 2010

Aug. 15, 1959-Had 2 in rain overnight.
1960-Washed and ironed picked tomatoes towards eve. Dad and Rod fished twice.
1961-Washed a.m. went to guild at Fosters p.m. had part of lesson. Judy came and staid all night.
Aug. 16, 1959-To church and ss The McLean's here for dinner also Mae
1960-Went to Wich. Dad had cyst on back removed. Mariana took us over. Rod wanted to come back with us.
1961-I ironed a.m. Judy here for day, Eloise came after her in the evening.
1962-Ice Cream social at church eve. very cool.
Aug. 17, 1959-Washed picked lima beans hulled them eve.
1961-Picked kidney and lima beans and hulled them.
1962-Canned few tomatoes, baked cookies.
1963-John Rookds wedding Dads face not doing well.
Aug. 18, 1959-Processed limas for freezer, ironed. Dad on road.
1961-Canned 10 pts kidney beans froze some limas, picked more lima beans froze 4 pts.
1962-Baked rolls cleaned
1963-Went to Wichita with Katie and girls. Dad had his face treated, we all went to Newton and Peabody afterwards.

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