Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug. 7, 1959-
1960-Church and ss Rowes here for dinner, hot day.
1961-canned 5 pts red beans. Dad helped on road. I cleaned out weeds in garden, picked Lima beans.
1962-Herbs came back from Wichita. Diane brought back Larry eve.
Aug. 8, 1959-Did Sat work a.m. to El Do p.m. bought material to cover chair. Dad fished eve got 11 big fish.
1960-canned 3 qt tomatoes
1961-Ann and boys came for beans tomatoes ect. Dad went fishing p.m. Dad ? ? weed. I cultivated and garden cut some weeds, put 7 pts. Lima's in freezer.
1963-Sold 8 pts tomatoes
Aug. 9, 1959-To ss and church a.m. Phillips children went with us. no company.
1960-nice and cool. worked outside a.m. with quilt block p.m. Dad town with Shorty a.m. mowed yds p.m.
1961-Hertha came for dinner with some news. I worked out side a.m.
1962-Herbs left for home a.m. McGee's came p.m. took us out to eat eve, to Marianas afterwards
1963-Canned 5 qts tomatoes a.m. Went to Wichita for check up lunch at Alta's, Mariana took us, Rod came home with us.
Aug. 10, 1959-Worked outside.
1960-Cool, Worked outside a.m. Looked for used clothing p.m. Dad worked ? ? a.m. mowed cemetery p.m.
1961-Dad to town a.m. to get insurance fixed up, I baked cake and cookies.
1962-Late breakfast, McGee's left about noon for Wichita.
1963-Dad and Rod fished all day. I cleaned canned tomatoes, made rolls.

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