Friday, August 20, 2010

My favorite flower is the Sunflower, thanks to the state of Kansas. I follow a blog that reminds me of our visits to see sunflower fields, but we never visited a field this beautiful. The photo of the butterfly, wooooa!

Aug. 21, 1959-Mowed weeds in strawberry patch, baked cookies. Dad maintained
1960-To Church and SS Rowe's here for dinner brought groceries, We went to picnic for E.Guggisbargs at Haglor eve. (?)
1961-We worked on "crofs"(?) all day, saw over 20 people
1963-Did some handwork p.m. Miss Stroud stopped a.m. Dad to El Do p.m.
August 22, 1959-HOT-Cleaned, picked some limas and tomatoes, baked cake and rolls, Dad maintained
1960-Worked with peaches
1961-Cold rainy day didn't do much picked tomatoes and beans p.m.
1963-Defrosted, did hand wash, Miss Stroud brought clothes to Alta, Dad fished.
Aug. 23, 1959- To SS and church no company
1960-Dad went to Leon to fish
1961-Canned few beans a.m. and tomatoes, Katie and girls came p.m. we went fishing finished crof calls eve.
Aug. 1959-Did some hoeing am went to Elmer Nelson funeral p.m.
1960-Had box of mangoes from Herbs
1961-Went to El Do, to Marianas and fair p.m. Stoid for drawing no winner
1963-Did up Sat. work, a.m. finished Mrs Strouds altering p.m. made pie for Sun

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