Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug. 19, 1959-The Knox came eve
1961-Cleaned, canned tomatoes, baked cookies defrosted, picked one half bu tomatoes and some okra
1962-To church and ss Mae came, Barbara went home
1963-Washed a.m. to guild at Templeton's p.m. Picked tomatoes eve.
Aug. 20-1959-Mariana and children up for dinner. I mowed east yd eve Dad maintained
1961-Went to church and ss John Oliver preached, Mae here for dinner, Ruth and Diane came p.m. we went to Katie's to see Kettermans in the eve.
1962-Washed, wrote letters p.m. watered flowers eve. Dad fished
1963- Ironed a.m. Dad fished Alta brought 4 boys to spend day fishing. Eur and Rosemary brought Deebacks.

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