Friday, July 30, 2010

July 22, 1959-Hot and humid - Ironed a.m. Dad to town with Shorty they fished rest of day, no fish. picked one half bu beans canned 5 qts. clipped hedge. Dooleys come after corn.
1960-Light rain some cooler defrosted baked cookies a.m.
1961-Heavy rain most of day roads flooded fields under water.
1962-Washed, fixed peaches for freezer. Rev and Hrs. Himes called p.m. Dad and C. Noell cen??? for C.R.O.P.
July 23, 1959-
1961-to church and ss a.m. Chas and Pat came p.m. staid for supper.
1962-Ironed, Rev. Southard called a.m. Katie and girls and the Hines came evening.
1963-Ironed plowed out rows in strawberry patch a.m. Dad caught big bullhead a.m. to Walsut p.m. got 9 cats
July 24, 1959-Wimbuys came for corn eve.
1960-To church and ss a.m. to Wichita to Johns for dinner
1961-Quilted, Dad mowed cemetery a.m. road p.m.
1962-To El Do evening
1963-I hoed while a.m. Dad fished.
July 25, 1959-Dad had board meeting at locks he mowed cemetery, I did Sat work, mowed east lawn p.m. cleaned out melon patch.
1961-Dad mowed road. I put 9 pts corn in freezer. Annie came p.m.
1962-Did some cleaning
1963-Watered flower bed p.m. went to El Do p.m. to Marianas for steak fry eve. Dressed 4 hens
How do you dress a hen? Suz

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