Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 8, 1959-Dad on roads, I wrapped chickens for freezer, did some hoeing. Rain in p.m. To welcome for McCean's at Burns eve.
1960-Cool and dry. First sweet corn
1961-Cleaned, started irrigating garden, put lower well pump in, picked 2 qt boysenberries. Dad and Shorty went fishing eve.
1962-To church and ss no company for dinner, Herian and Lina Ketteman came eve.
1963-Washed, picked wild grapes. worked, few apples into sauce Dad fished watered garden eve.
July 9, 1959-Cooler-Dad spread ????weed ???? a.m. Judy went to Wys's am and to El Do eve, Dad went fishing eve, Noells stopped.
1960-Did Sat work, got in corn and first ripe peaches.
1961-To Church and ss Mae here for dinner, Alta and $ boys came p.m. Charley came eve
1962-Washed, it rained, electricity off one hour. Dried clothes p.m.
1963-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. girls stopped. Rained p.m. & all night. Dad finished digging potatoes a.m.
July 10, 1959-
1960-Warm 100 degrees. To church a.m. Mae and Knox's here for dinner Katie and girls p.m. Wilson's eve also Kettemans.
1961-Did some watering a.m. put green 9 patch quilt in frame. Dad and Shorty went fishing p.m.
1962-Ironed a.m. Dad mowed yds.
1963-1.22 rain
July 11, 1959-
1960-Hot, Defrosted and rearranged freezer a.m. watered some of garden p.m. Dad and Shorty fished eve.
1961-Watered a.m. quilted p.m.
1962-Dad mowed cemetery a.m. fished p.m. got 18. Little cool. I mowed weeds in orchard and garden, wrote to Rices.
1963-Did some patching. Dad to Burns with Shorty a.m. Dad to El Do eve.
July 12, 1959-To ss and church, Knox's here for dinner, Wilson's in the p.m. Ketteman's eve, also Katie and girls, Barbara staid.
1960-Fixed 4 qts corn for freeze. Annie and boys came a.m.
1962-Graham new comer in accident. Fixed 6 pts corn for freezer. Mr. Campbell gave dinner ate Hotel for grands and us.
1963-Made apron p.m. cleaned bedroom and living room to Katie's eve, rained, came home early.
July 13,1959-Went to El Do. a.m. started border print skirts for little girls. Herbs arrived 9 p.m.
1960-Fixed 4 qts corn for freezer a.m. Pearl and Mack came brought ?? took us to supper at Turnpike Cafe. called on Wilson's, Pecks not home.
1961-Dad to Wichita for check up. rained nearly all fore??? 90 degrees. I wrote to Wanda, Pear and Anna.
1962-Bringtons Judy and Mickey left, for NC.
1963-1.95 rain. Cleaned a.m. made rolls p.m. picked corn.
July 14, 1959-rain over night. Sonny boy, got out and is lost. Herb to ElDo, Dad and Larry to Burns for repairs for bathroom. Pecks, Wilsons came eve.
1960-Mick took car to Bobs for wheel alignment. Pearl and I picked peaches and corn, John and Caroline called, Me Gees left p.m. for Wich.
1961-95* Cleaned baked 2 batches cookies quilted p.m.
1962-Dad maintained. I worked in garden mowed yd, Dick came p.m. to say goodbye.
1963-To church Mae Alta and boys and Knox's here for dinner, brought groceries.
July 15, 1959- 2.56 rain over night. Herbs to Wichita. Dad and Larry to Burns. I got 13 qts corn ready for freezer p.m.
1960-Dad on road.
1961-Warm 90* To church and ss no company.
1962-To church and ss Mae here for dinner, new comers stopped in eve also Harry Thomas.
1963-Fixed 11 pts peaches for freezer. canned 5 qts and 5 pts kraut. Planted 2 rows sweet corn, Dad dished potato patch, I mowed little eve. Dad fished eve.
July and Annie to Marianas for dinner to Pecks for supper. Mae came and we fixed corn for freezer, brought groceries.
1960-did up Sat work.
1961-Very warm
1962-Mariana, Bob and Steve up to help with corn put 13 pts in freezer.
1963-To guild at Vogelmans
July 17,1959-Herbs went to Wichita staid all night McGees arrived there too. Eloise and family here for supper.
1960-To church and ss no company for dinner Chas and Pat came p.m. showers p.m.
1961-Washed and ironed.
1962-Went to guld at M Vogelmans. Dad to El Do to get mower repairs, he went fishing eve.
1963-worked garden
July 18, 1959-Pearl and Mack came Sat. a.m. we all went to Knox's for a picnic in the evening Pearl and Mack came home with us.
1960-Went to Wichita on bus for Dr appointment, Dads back ok. I had groth taken off fore head
1961-To K.C. with Charley's to Mrs. Campbell's funeral had good trip, weather hot.
1962-Harvested onions and cleaned out weeds. Alta and boys came brought peaches. helped fix them, Rod staid.
1963-Judy arrived from N.C. harvested onions.
July 19, 1959-McGees left 7:30 a.m. We went to ss and church-no company for dinner, Herbs, Mae, came back.Mickey Mickie Pat family Katie and girls, Alta came eve.
1960-Washed a.m. Mr and Mrs. Phillips called eve.
1961-Cleaned out some weeds in garden a.m. quilted p.m. Did hand wash.
1962-Dad and Rod fished caught 5 & 6. a.m. Rod slept p.m. to Katies eve to see Ralph pictures.
1963-Cleaned weeds from some of garden.
July 20, 1959- Made skirt for Susan a.m. Had early supper. Herbs left for Wichita about 5 on way home-we got 6 chickens from Katie eve.
1960-Ironed a.m. patched p.m. Dad mowed cemetery.
1961-To church meeting eve. Dad to El Do to assemble road mower. I quilted some. Ruth and girls came p.m. for Dads birthday. 1.06 rain.
1962-Dads birthday, Alta Mae Doug came p.m. Rod went home they brought ice cream more peaches cak, fruit.
1963-Cleaned - Mrs. Straud came a.m. Judy, Ann and boys came for dinner. Hot.
July 21, 1959-Dad maintained I washed got big shower at 2.15 p.m. and got some of clothes wet again. Linda had tonsillectomy.
1960-Dads birthday, he and Shorty went fishing at 6 a.m. home noon. The Knox's, Wilson's and Mae came eve with ice cream and cake.
1961-Dads birthday. 2.60 rain. Mae, Alta and boys brought supper, Wilson's came later brought cake and ice cream.
1962-To church a.m. no company for dinner, Knox's, Pecks and Wilson's came p.m.
1963-Hot-Dads birthday to church a.m. thunder storms.
Mae, Alta and boys, Wilson's, and Knox's brought cake and ice cream.

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