Friday, July 23, 2010

June 16,1959-Dad mowed, 95 degrees. Cultivated garden with tractor, picked gal beans, watered flowers bed. Mick and Dick here for supper.
1960-Worked in garden part of the day. Dad fished about all day. Barbara picked cherries.
1961-Dad to Wichita for check up, brought Rod home they went fishing eve. I cleaned out sweet ??and mowed yard.
1962-Did Sat work, baked rolls and cake. The ? Ric's arrived p.m.
1963-Fathers day. Real cool. To Church. Pecks came for dinner. Mae, Rowe, Knox's and Wilson's came p.m. brought supper.
June 17, 1959-
1960-Eloise and girls here for dinner. Ruth and Mariana came to picked cherries p.m. Heyman's came, Barbara went home.
1961-Did up Sat work, baked rolls. Rod hunted all day, they went to pond eve.
1962-Went to church early, Ric's with us. Mae came for dinner. Rowe's, Wilson's came p.m. for Father day.
1963-Dad fished, cool. I pruned trees & shrubs, girls bought sweet potato plants, set them out p.m. picked beans, put 2 qts in freezer.
June 18, 1959-
1960-Did Sat work. Made pies for Sun. Made pies for Sun. Dad brought home 4 pineapples.
1961-To church and ss a.m. Rowe's and Mae here for dinner. Wilson's came p.m. Rod went home.
1962-Bad rain in night. Dad and Harlen went fishing a.m. with little girls. We went to Wilson's & Knox's pm ate supper at El Do down to Burns.
1963-I went to Guild at Larders pm to Katie's eve.
June 19, 1959-Baked 2 batches or cookies am
1960-to church and ss then to Wichita to Alta's for dinner with Wilson's
1961-washed a.m.
1962-We all went to Wichita pm to see the Rowe's Alta took us around town. We staid for supper home by 10

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