Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June 30, 1959-Hot, shower in the eve, 49 rain. Eloise and girls, Annie children, Mick & Dick here for dinner, rain towards eve Dad mowed road
1960-98 degrees. Watered flower bed a.m. baked cookies, defrosted
1961Pauline H. funeral yesterday p.m. hot and windy. Mrs Noell and Virginia stopped. Dad to El Do for lower plate
1962-Cleaned house baked cake and rolls. Dad and H Dairs went fishing all day. Annies, Judy, Eloise and girls came p.m.
1963-Church and ss a.m. Hot, Mae came by.
July 1, 1959-Cool, replanted some corn made noodles. Dad to El Do. I went to WSCS at Mayory G. p.m.
1960-Washed hair, dug potatoes, picked few beans and lettuce. mowed east lawn, rain
1961-Hot-Put up awnings a.m. picked beans and boysenberries. Dad and Shorty went fishing eve.
1962-To church and ss Mickey and Dick, Judy came with us. they and Mae here for dinner.
1963-Hot, 98*-Did hand wash, made 2 and a half gal. kraut. Dad fished most of the day.
July 2, 1959-Mariana and children here for dinner, Katie and girls stopped in, we got 30 chickens from them in the evening.
1961-To church and ss no company for dinner.
1962-Worked in garden a.m. Johns came p.m. staid for supper.
1963-Hot - 98* Watered flower garden eve, picked few beans.
July 3,1959-I dressed 12 chickens, picked some beans and dug some potatoes.
1961-Washed and ironed.
1963-Spinden Weber wedding. WSCS at M. Gfell p.m.

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