Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 4, 1959-.96 in warm rain. We staid home Dad fished a.m. I dressed 3 chicks did Sat. work.
1960-.44 rain. Cooler, I moved furniture and rug Dad fished a.m. we went to cemetery p.m. and put awnings.
1961-Home all day, to Wilson's for picnic eve.
1962-Big rain 2.60 in Dad, Chas and Shorty fished got 13. Wilson's came p.m.
1963-Hot-Went on picnic and fishing with Katie and girls most of day. Had fish fry eve, Wilson's went to arena.
July 5,1959-To ss and church am no company rested p.m.
1960-Washed, Dad on road
1961-To wscs at Ruby K. p.m. board meeting eve.
1962-Went to ElDo p.m. ate out, Wim and Judy came eve.
1963-Hot, Watered flowers a.m. Defrosted, watered garden eve sold ? potatoes to Mrs. Hager Dad and Shorty fished eve.
July 6, 1959-Dad mowed roads I washed and ironed.
1960-I ironed a.m. went to wscs at Mary V. Emma brought me home. Dad maintained.
1961-Dad mowed road all day.
1962-Cleaned, baked cake made jello salad, Brunigtons here for supper.
1963- HOT 102 degrees. Did Sat cleaning, sold bri potato's to G. Heyman. Dad fished a.m.
July 7,1959-Dad mowed roads. I dressed 6 chickens and did some cultivating. Eloise brought Judy to stay a few days. She went to ballgame eve.
1961-Dad took road mower to be repaired.
1962-Dad went fishing a.m. I cleared out flower garden. planted cukes picked few beans, made rolls, Judy called p.m.
1963-To church a.m. very hot. no company for dinner, rested p.m. Ketteneans came eve.

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