Thursday, July 22, 2010

June 14, 1959-To church a.m. John Oliver preached. Mae and Alta and boys here for dinner. Carol Hutchinson got married.
1960-Mariana and Barbara picked cherries, froze 14 qts. canned 2 qts. Eloise and family stopped.
1961-.84 rain cooler, baked cookies, a.m. Went to board meeting and reception for new minister eve.
1963-Mowed east lawn a.m. HOT
June 15,1959-Warm Worked outside a.m. did hand wash p.m.
1960-Barbara staid over. We picked peas put 4 pts in freezer. The Hyman's called
1962-Did some cleaning made pies for freezer, got ready for company.
1963-Had nice rain over night 1.20 Dad to El Do a.m. I cleaned, baked rolls, picked beans, lettuce p.m. Peck called eve.

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