Monday, July 26, 2010

June 20, 1959-Went to El Do, am got 5 chickens and cut then up for freezer, did cleaning
1960-Canned to Pt's pineapple am washed pm John and Caroline came pm
1961-Ironed am to guild pm at De Witt, worked in garden eve, picked one and a half gal pt. beans, dad fished
1962-Hailae? went to Laundromat Dad and girls went to town We went to Katie's pm Rain storm at night.52 rain.
1963-Aired bedding from wash house. cleaned out feather tick. Dad to El Do eve. I mowed the yd.
June 21, 1959-.49 in rain cooler. Went to church and ss to Wichita for dinner, Mae met us in ElDo.
1960-Ironed a.m. picked few cherries and hoed some pm mended sauce.
1961-Froze 2 qt beans, reset some plants Dad and Shorty went fishing, mended pm.
1962-The Rices left 8 am electricity off till 7 am I straightened up house.
1963-Cultivated garden picked pail of beans, put 2 qts in freezer. to Katie's eve.
June 22,1959-Some cooler, rain eve. Washed a.m. picked some beans p.m.
1960-Worked in garden a.m. cleaned out pea patch, clipped hedge, picked last cherries to church eve.
1961-Did some mending and repairing.
1962-Worked outside, washed hair.
1963-cleaned a.m. mowed some p.m.
June 23, 1959-Canned 5 qts beans ironed a.m. worked outside p.m. To Katie's eve.
1961-Mowed east yd. Dad and Shorty fished p.m. Katie and girls came eve.
1963-Cool, To church a.m. no company rested all p.m.
June 24, 1959-Worked outside mended Dad maintained. Pecks came evening.
1961-Cleaned baked 2 batches of cookies. Dad and Shorty to Burns p.m. fished eve.
1962-To church and ss no company. Micky arrived in ElDo on furlough.
1963-Washed nice day. Dad cultivated corn ect. and lower garden
June 25, 1959-Cultivated garden a.m. Dad on road from 6 to 6 we went to s. cemetery eve.
1960-Cleaned a.m. to town p.m. and Mears for milk
1961-To church and ss no company for dinner.
1962-Washed a.m.
1963-Canned 5 qts beans froze qt. ironed am
June 26, 1959-Windy showers. Cleaned out flower bed. Dad maintained a.m. mowed cemetery p.m. cleaned some. I picked some beans.
1960-To church and ss Mae and Pecks here for dinner.
1961-Went to Eloise and Mrs Enabat a.m.
1962-Ironed a.m. canned 5 qts beans. did some patching p.m.
June 27, 1959-Windy, canned 4 qts beans. Dad board meeting he and Shorty to Burns p.m.
1960-worked in garden
1962-Froze 2 qts beans, worked and flower bed, baked cake Katie and girls here for supper. Ems birthday.
1962-Mickey, Charley's and Dick here for supper. Dad and Mic went fishing p.m.
1963-Washed windows a.m. to El Do. p.m. and to Marianas got wedding gift for Spinden wedding.
June 28, 1959-to ss and church a.m. church dinner noon, children's day program p.m. home by 3 p.m.
1960-hot and windy
1961-Hot 90 degrees. Made noodles. Dad to Burns to have sickles fixed for road mower to El do p.m. broke lower plate.
1962-Went to cemetery. Dad helped mow church yd. I helped Mary little. drove over to Katie's afterwards. picked beans and boysenberries did some hoeing eve Dad to El Do p.m. drove over Katie's afterwards.
1963-Put up awnings a.m. Emes birthday. Katie and girls over eve. Dad fished most of day, hot.
June 29, 1959-Watered garden all day Johns came noon. Just got back from trip.
1960-hot and windy 98. did some watering and hoeing a.m.
1961-We went to ElDo, got muslin and quilt batting. Dad took lower plate in to fix.
1963-Cleaned and made cookies. hot. Dad watered garden am fished pm.

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